About Us

EAST COAST HEARING LOOPS LLC was established so that people who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants, that are equipped with telecoils, get the full advantage of hearing speech more clearly and with keeping background noise where it belongs…in the background.

After wearing hearing aids for the last 5 years, I learned that I could double the usage of my hearing instruments by a push of a button receiving the speech directly into my ears as if the speaker was talking directly into them. From that point on, I was a believer and have developed a passion to the industry. My hearing aids do a great job in most cases, however, in those challenging environments, hearing half the story was not enough! 


EAST COAST HEARING LOOPS LLC’s vision is to help educate not only the hearing aid users, but to educate those who are in the hearing profession about induction loops. In doing so, our goal is to loop all public venues, not only so the facility can be ADA compliant, but for businesses to show the public that they care about their customers that have hearing disabilities just like they do for people who have physical disabilities and use wheel chairs and ramps.


“I have been hearing impaired the past 25 years. Several times a year I travel to Western Michigan to visit my hometown and my sibling’s that still reside there. Virtually every church, theater and public venue in that part of the state including the Grand Rapids Airport has installed hearing loops. I am always pleased at the clarity this technology makes available to individuals with hearing aids. Unlike other hearing assistive devices and amplification systems, hearing loop technology integrates and makes use of the unique and specific circuitry and technology incorporated into modern hearing aids. Amplification systems which merely amplify the sound actually serve only to more severely distort the sound. I have long been puzzled why this technology has been so sparsely utilized in this part of the country. This technology is vastly superior to any other hearing assistive device I have used or experienced.”

(The Rev Dr.) Carl M. Kleis